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Long ago when Ireland was the land of the Druids, there was a great Bishop, Patrick by name, who came to teach the Word of God throughout the country. This saint for he was indeed a saint, was well-loved, a group of his followers came to him to believe in the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. It is said that when Saint Patrick was asked about the Holy Trinity by skeptics, he reflected a moment and then, stooping down, he plucked a leaf from the Shamrock and held it before them, bidding them to behold the living example of the three-in-one. This simple beauty of this explanation convinced these sceptics, and from that day the Shamrock has been revered throughout Ireland. On the 17th of March, wherever true sons of the Erin gather, the Shamrock is proudly worn as a symbol of the faith that is Ireland. 

The Legend Of The Shamrock